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New Updates to SEOmonitor Forecast

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Shared by Raluca • July 05, 2023

We have recently added significant updates to our Forecasting product, aimed at helping you have more control over your SEO estimates and track your progress toward them through key performance metrics.

What's new:

1. More clarity and flexibility when setting the estimated time to reach your SEO goals.

The tool now provides more options for selecting the speed of achieving specific rank goals.

You can configure the forecast per month for each keyword group, taking into consideration 3 main rank segments:

- keywords from outside the top 100 that would be in the top 100

- from top 100 to top 20

- from top 20 to target rank

The increased flexibility in setting up the forecasting timeframe brings more accuracy to the total additional sessions, conversions, and revenue estimates over time.

2. Visibility growth estimations in the Forecast.

You can now view the estimated forecasted results in terms of Visibility or Average Rank projections besides sessions, conversions, or revenue. This helps you better understand your keywords' performance over time.

The Visibility is the blended version (desktop & mobile), while the Average Rank is the blended rank (desktop & mobile) weighted by Search Volume.

You can find them on the Monthly Forecast chart—the scenario will show the estimated data. At the same time, the objective will display both the actual and the estimated Visibility or Average Weighted Ranks.

3. Automatically created group in the Rank Tracker with all forecasted keywords.

When you set a Forecast Scenario as an Objective, a new group called "Objective | Forecast" is automatically created in the Rank Tracker, aggregating targeted keywords for easy tracking. This way, you can see and act on your progress toward your goal daily.

This feature is available for the accounts with access to the Measure plan, which also includes the Rank Tracker.

4. Redesigned top stats.

The Forecast top stats have been redesigned, reordered, and their data reorganized, so you can easily get a glimpse of the key SEO & business outcomes. Total traffic (former "Improved Traffic"), Inertial Traffic, Additional Traffic, and Ads Equivalent now display Total Sessions as the main data, and Total Conversions & Total Revenue as secondary data at the bottom of the widget.