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Get Content Optimization Opportunities and their Impact in Your Forecast

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Shared by Raluca • July 26, 2023

We have recently integrated the Content Audit tool into the Forecast, enabling you to quickly identify what to focus on in order to achieve your target objectives.

This integration allows you to discover content optimization opportunities and their potential impact. By crawling the ranking pages of the keywords in your campaign, the Content Audit surfaces:

  • Pages serving too many keywords
  • Keywords missing pages
  • Suboptimal keyword inclusion in content
  • Missing or suboptimal titles and H1 tags
  • Cannibalization issues (for daily tracked campaigns)

For each content optimization category—and the keywords covered within—you can see the number of impacted keywords, the percentage of searches leading to organic results out of total search volume for those keywords, the total Search Volume and Year-over-Year Trend, current Visibility of your website for those keywords, and the average Opportunities score. This provides an efficient way to understand the impact of your optimization actions.

The Forecast includes a summary of these insights for each scenario you create. By clicking on it, you get the lost of content issues in the Content Audit, based on all keywords included in the scenario.

Content Audit is also available for draft campaigns (part of the Build plan), displaying a one-day content snapshot of the ranking landing pages of added keywords. The full list of issues under each category and the Key changes correlated with Visibility trend in the last 30 days (top widgets are available for daily tracked campaigns.

Check your content optimization opportunities too!