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Organic Traffic in Draft Campaigns

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Shared by Raluca • July 18, 2023

The Organic Traffic module is also available for the SEOmonitor Build plan. This provides you with a snapshot of the organic traffic data from the last 30 days.

The feature is available if you have connected your campaigns to Google Analytics and Google. The connections provide the sessions, conversions, and goals the organic traffic for your campaign keywords and help you deliver more precise and reliable forecast projections.

With traffic data, the Forecast calculates Inertial Traffic, which puts the estimated Additional Traffic into perspective—as it can predict how much value the SEO campaign can bring to the business.

Access to the Organic Traffic module also unlocks uncovering other valuable keywords—which aren’t currently tracked in the Keywords module (the on-demand Rank Tracker)—thus supporting your keyword research process.

We've also streamlined the process of connecting to Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Build accounts can now connect Google Analytics & Google Search Console at a later time - and not only during the campaign setup - from the Campaign Settings.

Additionally, all account types can now link to their GA4, in addition to Google Analytics, directly during the campaign setup via the “Connect Google Analytics” step.

If you are on the Build plan and haven’t already connected GA & GSC, go to your campaign settings to get organic traffic data and enhanced forecasts.