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Archived keywords are now automatically added to Keyword Vault

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Shared by Raluca • July 14, 2023

Archive keywords strategically, not permanently. When you archive keywords in the Rank Tracker, we automatically move them to a dedicated list in the Keyword Vault.

This gives you ongoing monthly data and control so you can monitor performance and new opportunities on these unused keywords. No more losing track of keywords that you aren't actively tracking daily.

This helps you keep an eye on the keywords for which you don’t need daily data — instead of having no data — and easily decide if and when you need to move them back to the Rank Tracker.

Easily reactivate keywords whenever you need to focus on them again. Just switch them back from your "Archived tracked keywords" list in the Keyword Vault (under the Research Module) to the Rank Tracker.

With the Keyword Vault, you can maintain an unlimited number of lists of unlimited keywords. Their data gets updated monthly, enabling you to manage your keyword tracking efficiently without losing sight of future opportunities.

See for yourself - check your Keyword Vault after having archived any keywords from the Edit Mode.