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Our take on Search intent.

Shared by Anastasiia • July 09, 2024

Starting today, you have access to our unique take on search intent. By using AI to analyze each of the top ten landing pages ranking in the SERP, our intent feature is more accurate, nuanced and actionable than a simple blanket intent for the entire keyword.

  • Accurate: We parse and analyze the content of each page in the SERP to provide you a comprehensive understanding of the intent they serve.
  • Nuanced: Discover the percentage breakdown of the search intent served by each of the top ten landing pages.
  • Actionable: Spot discrepancies between your page type and the top-ranking pages, then update content to improve rankings.

With Keyword Intent, you can:

  • Understand which type of page best ranks for each keyword and plan your content accordingly.
  • Map your keyword strategy to the customer journey and align your conversion goals.
  • Connect Google Analytics conversion data to identify low-conversion commercial or transactional keywords.

Track intent at the group level

image - 4-1

Gain insights at the group level with intent breakdowns by keyword count and search volume percentages.

View keyword-level intent breakdown

image - 5-1

View the search intent breakdown at the keyword level in the Overview (Keyword sidebar). See the percentages of each intent type for specific keywords, based on top search results content.

Review intent for each SERP landing page

image - 6

Spot discrepancies between your page type and the top-ranking pages

image - 8

Use the new Content Audit feature to detect and fix keyword intent mismatches, improving your rankings.