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Introducing AIO detection and tracking!

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Shared by Alen • June 05, 2024

Starting today, you have access to the most in-depth "AI Overview" tracking available: track website and brand mentions, access daily snapshots, and run custom analyses with raw data access.

Assess the Impact of AIO on Your Campaigns

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Identify how many keywords trigger AIO snippets and see if your site is listed.

Track Brand Mentions

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Detect if your brand is mentioned in the AI Overview using your already set-up brand keywords.

Iterate Quickly, Find What Drives AIO Mentions

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Track AIO presence over time with SERP Feature History. Be the first to find which SEO activities lead to website or brand mentions in the overview.

Track AIO Visibility

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Explore how AIO affects your visibility with a new metric: AI Overview Visibility. Blend it with session or visibility data to see the impact on your campaigns.

Track Trends with Competitor Analysis

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Identify competitors' SEO visibility changes and the influence of AIO on their gains or losses.

Get Daily Snapshots of “AI Overview”

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Get daily snapshots of the "AI Overview" SERP feature for mobile and desktop. Track its layout and content as it evolves and changes daily.

Filter AIO Keywords Quickly

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For easy access, you'll find an "AI Overview" folder that shows keywords triggering this SERP feature. Additionally, you can build more sophisticated groups using the available filtering mechanism.

Access Raw Data through API

Run large-scale reports with raw data access. Give your clients confidence that you understand their changing landscape, how it will affect their visibility and how to leverage AIO for maximum gains.