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What's new with API 3.0?

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Shared by Megha • February 01, 2024

Hey there,

API 3.0 is now live! 🙌.

The new API endpoints cover more ground, and are better organized and documented, making the data access cleaner, and the report generation easier and quicker.

To ensure the continued success of your campaign, you might want to collate, group and/or analyze the data differently to identify any new correlations and make new connections. You might also need to build customized reports for your clients quickly.

API 3.0 is here to address these needs.

What is API 3.0?

A new version of our API that facilitates reliable access to all key data points and metrics that are available on the platform so that you can retrieve, analyze, visualize, and report them quickly and efficiently.

What's new with API 3.0?

This new version is fully remodeled based on our enhanced platform and has well-organized endpoints, improved data coverage, and comprehensive documentation that elevates the ease of use. The endpoints are now organized according to the modules, so you can find what you need as easily as you do on the platform.

We have added over 10 new endpoints and redesigned the existing ones to include all the keyword-, group-, and campaign-level data you may need. Check out these enhanced endpoints from Rank Tracker, this new endpoint from Forecast, and this one from Research.

What about the older version?

If you're using the older version of our API (v 1.2), find its documentation here. You can choose to continue using it alongside API 3.0, or fully move to 3.0 as per your needs. API 1.2 will still be functional, but it won't undergo maintenance or enhancements anymore.

Refer to this quick start guide if you need to, and try the API now.