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Shared by Megha • November 24, 2023

You asked, and we brought the automatic keywords from the campaign creation wizard into the Rank Tracker (and two more updates).

Here's a quick summary of our recent updates to Rank Tracker.

Automatic keywords now available in the Rank Tracker

In the campaign creation wizard, we automatically find the best keywords for your campaign, in terms of their relevance to your business and the additional traffic they could bring. We brought this feature into our Rank Tracker so you don't lose out on easily available high-quality keywords after going through the wizard. We source these keywords in order, from our keyword database and our AI-powered keyword research tool. The feature is now available to you at any time from the Add Keywords sidebar.

See the contents of the Questions SERP feature

Also known as "People Also Ask", you can now see the questions that appeared in the SERP feature without having to download the SERP. In the keyword sidebar, under the Overview tab, you can see the questions that appeared in the latest Questions SERP feature (marked in blue if your website was present). This is only available for tracked campaigns.

Automatic detection of keywords to upload from your CSV

You don't have to prepare your file in a specific format to upload your keywords through CSV anymore. As long as there is a column called 'keywords' in the CSV, we process it with OpenAI and detect the groups that they should be imported into. With this update, create campaigns with your own keywords smoothly, and save time on formatting.