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What's new in Content Audit

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Shared by Raluca • October 31, 2023

SEOmonitor's Content Audit

Our Content Audit module is a comprehensive dashboard that surfaces opportunities to improve the content of the ranking pages for your keywords.

It proactively crawls landing pages and identifies a range of optimization opportunities, such as pages with missing or suboptimal titles or H1s, cannibalization issues, or keywords with missing pages.

Content Audit also captures the key content changes that had an impact on Visibility, to help you scale good practices and guide your content iterations.

Let's see the latest updates we made to improve your experience with Content Audit.

Full access to Content Audit for Draft Campaigns

For Draft Campaigns, the Content Audit module used to be limited to surfacing only the categories of content opportunities and the keywords or landing pages that trigger them, but our users couldn't access the valuable data that justifies the opportunities, in the Opportunity sidebar.

With this update, we remove this access restriction, so you can view all the opportunity data you need to make decisions on how to improve your content.

This level of granularity unlocks key metrics that now allow you to analyze and prioritize your content opportunities at the keyword level, such as search data, ranking data, and the percentage of clicks on organic results. All of them are further processed by the Opportunity metric, which helps you focus on the content improvements with the highest potential of improving your website's Visibility.

Filter content opportunities by Keyword Groups

We've also added the option to filter Content Audit results by specific Keyword Groups, enabling you to focus your content analysis on specific sets of keywords based on priority.

You can access the filter both on the main Content Audit page and within each Optimization Category page for more flexibility.

Filtering by Groups enables more targeted analysis like:

  • Validating optimization progress for high-priority keywords
  • Comparing issues between different areas of focus
  • Identifying gaps and opportunities for specific keywords
  • Reviewing category-level problems for important groups
  • Customizing reports by focusing on relevant groups

With this granular filtering, you can drill down on the Content Audit data most relevant to your goals.

Check out these improvements and let us know of any other ways we can help you make the most out of your Content Audit data! ➝ Try now