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Product update

Best and worst-case Rank Targets in the Forecast

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Shared by Raluca • October 10, 2023

What's New?

With the new feature recently added to the Forecast, you can now set a target rank range for keyword groups when setting up your scenarios. This allows you to create more flexible projections and analyze a range of possible outcomes, instead of tracking a fixed target.

The forecast estimations now contain ranges of values, so that you and your clients can calibrate your expectations of the SEO campaign results to fall within those ranges, rather than aim for either the most ambitious or the most conservative scenarios.

Product Update Highlights

Forecasting with a Target Rank Range

In the first step of the Forecast Wizard, we have introduced a new option called "Target Rank Range".

When enabled, a second column is added to the "Target Rank" section, allowing you to select two target ranks for each keyword group in your scenario—a higher target and a lower target.

By enabling this option, the preview estimations for Additional Sessions and Additional Conversions throughout the setup will be calculated as a range, based on the two target ranks. This enables you to visualize the potential outcomes more accurately.

Analyzing the Range of Forecast Results

Once your scenario is saved, the forecasted results are displayed in ranges. Each result metric, including Additional Traffic (Sessions, Conversions, Revenue), Total Traffic, and the Ads Equivalent, is presented as a range between the least and the most you can expect.

The Monthly Forecast chart also showcases two sets of visual representations, one for each target, for all traffic metrics such as Sessions, Conversions, Revenue, and Visibility & Average Rank.

The Scenario sidebar now reflects that the goal is set between two targets, displaying the corresponding ranges for Target Rank and Target Visibility. This allows you to grasp the potential variations in your forecasted outcomes.

Tracking the Targets with Objectives

When you decide to start tracking the campaign and set your forecast scenario as a Campaign Objective, the target ranges get reflected in the Detailed tab. This enables you to track your progress against both the best-case and worst-case scenarios at a keyword level. You can easily visualize where you stand between these two extremes.

For each keyword in the objective, you can view the monthly estimated target rank range values, in the keyword target popup chart. This helps you see where to focus and prioritize your efforts on the keywords that are outside the estimated rank range.

Check out this new feature in your own Forecast scenarios ➡️ Try now!